Patch Note


Greetings adventurers!

We launched the closed Alpha of Naïca last week with hundreds of players coming to the swamp. Naïca has been updated a few times last week and this is our first real patch since the closed Alpha release.

Bugs fixes:

- Menu opens with no buttons to interact with

- Menu buttons not working properly 

- User Interface on PC is blurry

- After selecting an item in the shop, you can't close it nor close the shop

- Shop doesn't close when you are too far from the Merchant 

- Item box doesn't have the correct color depending on the rarity of the item (shop) 

- Wrong icon for Hidden Chest 

- Chat on PC not working properly 

- Invisible players 

- Launching a spell with no target freezes your device 

- Invisible item from the dungeon 

- Visual issue on several shoulder pads 

- XP bar not working properly 

- Quest interface issue when you have a lot of quests (PC) 

- Incorrect race logo for the members of your group (Map) 

- Name looting not working properly 

- Elixirs and the belt having a visual issue 

Quality of Life:

- Bug Report is working properly (you do not open every other windows) on PC

- Easier to close the windows on mobile 

- Force of nature applies a visual on the target 

- Looting bag added on every chests you can open 

- Non tradable items have an icon in their description 

- O'Barr armor set is not tradable anymore 

- 'Wooden epaulettes added' as monster reward 

- Sprint is now by default on PC (it was already the case on mobile with the joystick) 

- Items prices have been reduced (in general) 

- Honor gained in PvP arena has been increased 


Thank you again for playing Naïca, see you in game!