New addition to the game: Mini-dungeon


Greetings adventurers!

We are launching today the mini-dungeon, as a new addition to the game!

You may have seen the entrance in the Badlands

While the dungeon is for a 5-man group, the mini-dungeon only requires 3 players. You will fight several waves of monsters until the arrival of the boss and it won't be easy: if you die, you won't respawn until the end! The monsters type will change at every mini-dungeon you will do. If all of your team dies, the mini-dungeon will be wiped and you will have to start again (you will remain inside the mini-dungeon).

As we detailed in this post yesterday, the mini-dungeon will have level scaling, which means the level of the monsters will be from 15 to 22, allowing high level players to get some challenge (the swamp is a level 15-19 area).

Note: you won't get any loot on the monsters, the boss is the only thing that matters with its dedicated rewards. 

Good luck, we will see you on Naïca!