Naïca Update: Guest mode, Play Store, launcher on PC and more


Greetings adventurers!

After a few weeks, we are adding several features to Naïca including an important one: the Guest mode.

Starting today, everyone can download Naïca and try it in Guest mode! Guests have limited access to the game but they can have a taste of the closed Alpha. Your character as Guest is saved on your device. If you log in once you have access to the game, you will start again the Alpha at lvl 15. Guests are limited to one area (Groenmoor) and cannot go further than level 16.

Naïca is also available on the Play Store! For PC players, you can now download the launcher here. You won't need to download the game at every update now, it will update automatically. Due to unexpected delays, the iOS and Mac version are not available today. We will release these versions as soon as possible.

Your skill points have been reset since we started to prepare the game for this skills evolution (as we announced here).

Speaking of PC, the User Interface for Stuff and Options have been revamped and improved (following our announcement in the last patch).

The dungeon atmosphere is going to be better since music has been added! You will hear one different music inside the dungeon and a totally new one when fighting Pupuce! Good luck in there!

Several fixes have been done and are listed below.


New featuresFixes

→ Guest mode

→ Naïca on the Play Store

Launcher on PC

→ New interface for Stuff and Options (PC)

→ Music in the dungeon

→ Music for Pupuce

→ Sounds on monsters and interface

→ Bottles in the swamp works properly

→ Hotkeys work as intended

→ Perilberyl Island is fixed

→ Objectives & rewards are correctly displayed on mobile

→ No more instant crash on mobile

→ Monsters damages have been nerfed

A Dev Tracker is also available here:

You will find the most common issues players told us about and their current status. The board is updated every week.