Donations are available!


Greetings adventurers!

The past months, many players have expressed their desire to support us through a donation: it is now possible !

Donations made by players will help us build the world of Naïca, allow us to grow faster and help us keep our independance. On top of that, every donator will receive exclusive rewards.

The closed Alpha will be released in the coming months. Access will be sent to players on a regular basis, per wave. If you make a donation, you will be prioritized.

Every rewards will be available once the game is officially released (after the closed Alpha and the Beta). Every release date is an estimation and can be subject to change.

We started Naïca in 2018 and we still have a long way to go: do you want to take part in the adventure? You can support us by making a donation on our website!

We will see you soon,

Team Naïca