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Several creatures are living in harmony on Naïca, the crystal-world. However, your reckless impulses will drive you into an adventure, guiding your choices towards the fate of the planet.

Discover Lazul, the first region of Naïca

Lazul is the region of Naïca on which you will start your adventure: there you will learn all the necessary knowledge to your progression. During the closed Alpha, you will be able to play and fight on a piece of Lazul.

A 2D MMORPG in pixel art

Naïca is a 2D MMORPG in which you will be able to play solo or with other players: complete quests in PvE, fight in dungeons or face other players in arenas and in open PvP areas!



Clever and cunning, Vulpians know how to escape from every bad situations. But be careful, they often have a bad reputation despite having a cute little face...


Universally appreciated, Denelites are well-known to be people you can rely on. If you need one of them, check out the tavern!


Legend tells that they would descend from dragons but no one has ever seen one thus far. Either way, do not underestimate them.


If you are looking for a fight, ask any Cerbalis and he will be happy to help. Do not try to befriend them by giving them meat or they will feel insulted.


Azralians are the true experts of camouflage. Some parents can spend hours looking for their children after playing hide-and-seek.

Adaptive classes

There are three different skill trees, one for each type of weapon: Sword, Staff and Bow.

Every level you will earn a skill point that will allow you to unlock a new talent: an active skill, a passive skill or a statistic.

When you unlock a talent in a tier, your choices at the next level will be either:

  • learn a talent from the same tier
  • learn a talent from a previous tier
  • learn a talent from the next tier belonging to the same skill tree

You have to choose which talents you’re most interested in!

Build examples:


Freewill donation


Access to the closed Alpha


Your name in the credits


Reservation of your nickname




Founder armor


Founder chest



Play with your friends, no matter what platform you use.


Naïca will be free for everyone and will have a shop to make in-game purchases.