Welcome to Naïca, the free-to-play MMORPG in pixel art!

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November 10
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(launched on July 9, 2019)
With Naïca, no more platform issues! Play with everyone else and continue your adventure from mobile to PC, without any interruption!

You start your adventure in the Cerulean Forest, a large enchanting zone filled with dozens of pretty cute creatures... But dangerous too! Once you reach the Acoreux Swamp, you will be able to tackle the dungeon and its terrible boss, Pupuce!

From closed Alpha to open Beta

The closed Alpha of Naïca was launched on September 24, 2019, and we plan to enrich the game by regularly adding content. Naïca will be developed along the months and will offer more and more possibilities to players, until the release of the open Beta and beyond.

Closed Alpha
More features
Cerulean Forest
Crystal Ridges
Open Beta
Mines of Ethervein
Shattergrove Forest

Donations will end very soon!

2020/10/20 16:50:00
ON OCTOBER 30 AT 18:00 CET, DONATIONS WILL DISAPPEAR AND THEIR REWARDS WILL BECOME HISTORY! Every player making a donation will get one boost of Naïca Coins (Shop currency).Donations grant you exclusive rewards such as your name...

Open Beta Devstream on October 22nd!

2020/10/16 14:31:00
Early 2019, we hosted our first Devstream to introduce the first PVE test of Naïca. It's time to do a new one!Join us on October 22, 18:00 CESTDevstream will be on our

Open Beta launch date

2020/09/17 16:00:00
Because of Covid-19 and the quarantine period, the past few months have shaken up everyone's lives. The team adapted to this new normal and we kept improving Naïca as well as kept bringing new content to the game: new area,...

Become an echo
of the crystal-world

Several creatures are living in harmony on Naïca, the crystal-world. However, your reckless impulses will drive you into an adventure, guiding your choices towards the fate of the planet.

Discover Lazul, the first region of Naïca

Lazul is the region of Naïca on which you will start your adventure: there you will learn all the necessary knowledge to your progression. During the closed Alpha, you will be able to play and fight on a piece of Lazul.

Customize your character from head to toes!

Learn and use the skills you want, without any class limit!

Develop your reputation over the course of your story!


Naïca will be free for everyone and will have a shop to make in-game purchases.