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Naïca is a 2D MMORPG in pixel art. The game is free-to-play and currently in closed Alpha since September 24, 2019.
In Naïca there are five different races. You can complete quests, do dungeons, create groups with other players or fight them in PvP.

Naïca has an emphasis on customization: every piece of armor is visible and there are no specific classes. Your character, your choices!
Naïca is currently available on PC, Android and iOS. In January, we plan to add the game to Mac.

Every player from these platforms can play together! You can also start your adventure on one platform then switch to another with the same account.
Naïca is available in english and we plan to add french, spanish and portuguese in 2020.
We are Fridge Games, a french team of 8 people located in France, Tours. Naïca is our first video game project.
Register on naicaonline.com: every week, accesses will be randomly sent to players by email. Otherwise, you can make a donation to support us, get instant access to the game and also exclusive rewards!

More information here.
There is no date yet, but we plan to launch the open Beta in Q3 2020.
Everyone can now download Naïca and play the game as Guest, even if you do not have an Alpha access! Your access will be limited but you will have a taste of the game!

Try now!
You can make a donation by credit card here.
You will get your rewards at the official launch of Naïca, after the closed Alpha and the open Beta.

You instantly get access to the closed Alpha.
Naïca is free-to-play and will have an in-game shop. You will only be able to buy cosmetics and utilities.