Available races

Five races are currently available in Naïca: Vulpian, Denelite, Ophimander, Cerbali, and Azralian. They all have their specificities which give them a different advantage on the field.


Clever and cunning, Vulpians know how to escape from every bad situations. But be careful, they often have a bad reputation despite having a cute little face...

The running bar is being consumed more slowly during a fight.


Universally appreciated, Denelites are well-known to be people you can rely on. If you need one of them, check out the tavern!

Heals received are more efficient.


Legend tells that they would descend from dragons but no one has ever seen one thus far. Either way, do not underestimate them.

Maximum mana is increased.


If you are looking for a fight, ask any Cerbali and he will be happy to help. Do not try to befriend them by giving them meat or they will feel insulted.

Maximum health is increased.


Azralians are the true experts of camouflage. Some parents can spend hours looking for their children after playing hide-and-seek.

Bonus damage on critical hits.


Naïca lets you give a unique touch to your character, through a customization system where each piece of equipment has its own visual!

In Naïca, every visible piece of equipment is customizable: if you change one of your weapons or your armor, it's instantly visible to you and all the players.

Every piece of equipment has its own visual appearance, and your character's customization has no limit! Your progression is visible by your actions but also by the style of your character. The best players easily stand out from the crowd!

Adaptive classes

Naïca has three different skill trees: sword, orb, and bow.

At each new level, you earn a skill point allowing you to either improve a skill or learn a new one.

When you learn a skill in a new tier, you unlock every skill of this tier in the other trees.

In Naïca, you will be able to favor Naïde or Icaon, both of them deities, by the choices of your actions to improve your reputation with them. Their rewards will be measured accordingly to your involvment in their arcanes. The further you will go, the more you will get! You will be able to support one or the other deity throughout your adventure, or juggle between the two!

The evolution of your alignment will have consequences on your progression and your choices will make your adventure a unique one!