Naïca Update: Equipment drop rate, races elixirs and more


Greetings adventurer!

We gathered your feedback during the past few weeks and we've come to agree with you: the equipment drop rate is too high. Your bag is filled with equipment you won't use, you sell it to the nearest merchant or worse, you destroy it. No trade is being done between players and doing the dungeon over and over is not really interesting to you anymore.

To that, we bring several answers:

→ First, we are reducing the equipment drop rate everywhere: swamp, dungeon and mini-dungeon. Now in Pupuce chest, you may end up sometimes with no piece of equipment.

→ Second, now in the dungeon you only loot visible armor pieces of O'Barr.

→ Third, we are adding the mini-dungeon to Naïca (more info here), in which you are able to loot the amulet, rings and weapons of O'Barr.

→ Fourth, in the mini-dungeon you are able to loot ephemeral races elixirs called "Drop" (their effect last 10min). All races elixirs (ephemeral and permanent) are tradable between players.

→ Fifth, we are adding the level scaling in the mini-dungeon and we plan to use it everywhere in Naïca.


We are also adding a few other things to the game: you won't see the loot bags of other players, prices have been fixed for every items and monsters animations are more fluid (we plan to do this later on for the skills too).

Let us know what you think about it, and see you on Naïca!