Letter to the community: Alpha release


The development of Naïca started a little over a year ago. Since then, the development team as well as the universe of Naïca have grown. In November, we announced the closed Alpha would be released early 2019 and starting from January we received a lot of messages asking us the exact date.

We have done several PvP tests but also some PvE tests with the first dungeon of Naïca located in the swamps, the area available for the closed Alpha. The players who participated have wandered on a small part of the swamps (Alpha's area is 5 to 6 times bigger) and fought numerous monsters way too strong for them.

These PvE tests raised several new issues we shared a few weeks back: balancing and communication. Players had almost zero chance to vanquish monsters while they were alone (or even in team) and the process to create a party, communicate with allies or even interact with NPCs and items were tiresome.

It can look easy to do but we are dealing with many issues that we must anticipate and/or fix in the moment. Naïca is our first video game, therefore every day we learn new things whether from our past mistakes or from solutions we want to bring to answer the needs of the community.

We expected to launch the closed Alpha of Naïca on Tuesday, 2nd April, but we realized the actual version of Naïca did not reflect the image of the game we wanted to show you. Then, we had two choices: either launch the Alpha on the planned date to keep our promise knowing that the quality of the content available will be lessened, or postpone the Alpha to an unknown date and take time to polish the entire available content. Because we are an indie video game studio without a publisher to impose us deadlines and because we all prefer to show you a great Alpha we opted for the second option, postponing the closed Alpha to an unknown date.

We will keep you updated about the development of Naïca as we always did (check this topic for regular informations) and we will announce you the launch date of the closed Alpha once it's ready.

Thank you for your support, and see you soon on Lazul's swamps!

Naïca Team