News: DreamHack Tours, music and last step


Greetings adventurers! 

Since our last newsletter, a few things have happened for Naïca: we have been to the DreamHack Tours in May, we slowly but steadily progressed on the sound & music side and we launched a big testing phase for Naïca.


Thanks to the region Centre-Val de Loire we were invited to the DreamHack Tours 2019 and had a place on their stand. It was a bit small, but very effective nonetheless! During the three days of the event, we have seen players from all kind of ages try Naïca both on PC and mobile, which allowed us to get a lot of interesting feedback.


One of the thing we didn't really know before letting players try Naïca was: where will players go first? We assumed once they spawn on the map they would speak to the Camp chief on the left and take the first quest but no.

Almost all of them rushed straight to the right, into the deep water (which prevent them to go further). So Nico, our Level Designer, made some edits on the map which now allow you to leave the Dank Camp by the right side of the island!

The old Dank camp
The new Dank Camp


Alex, our sound designer, will start working on the sounds of Naïca in July: he already made a bunch of them which we had the pleasure to listen to! The first draft we sent him had roughly a 100 sounds, which may increase as we dive into it. The other thing you'll be able to listen while playing Naïca is, of course, the music. Gabriel has already done a few titles and has recently wrapped up the main theme of Naïca! You will discover it soon...

In the meantime, you won't be empty handed since you can already listen to Addlebog's song and Lost path, which you will hear in the swamp of Lazul:


We are at the last step! A few weeks back, we started a big test phase by giving access to the game to 900 selected players. This allows us to have direct feedback and fix most of the issues faced by players before the closed Alpha.

Our previous tests lasted only for a few hours (1-3h) and this is the first time we have had servers open 24/7. We experienced some crashes & bugs but we are fixing them along the way: for example, the monster Bildaya was immune to damages and you couldn't get into the arena nor the dungeon.

Our first dungeon has a few surprises in store for you, with Pupuce as grand finale, a gigantic frog waiting for your arrival.


In the coming weeks there will be a lot of fixing, patching, and we will be adding new features to ease the gameplay for players (but not making the game itself easier, just easier to play & to understand).

This big test phase will last until mid-August and will allow us to show you a better, smoother version of the game for the closed Alpha. We will announce its release date soon.


We also started to work on the iOS version of Naïca and the PC/Mac interface : one step after another, we are indeed getting closer to the closed Alpha release!


We will see you soon,

Team Naïca